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5 Reasons A Local Attorney Is Better

In 2015, New Mexico began allowing attorneys from other states to practice in New Mexico's courts if they have practiced law in another state for at least five years. This means that a lawyer located in New Jersey can represent an individual on a lawsuit filed in New Mexico. There are many benefits of hiring a local attorney to help you on your New Mexico lawsuit.

Attorneys Margaret Strickland and Mollie McGraw are attorneys licensed to practice in New Mexico. Our law office is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Why does this matter?

1) Meet Face to Face

The attorneys at the Law Office of McGraw & Strickland, LLC are available to meet with you in person to answer your questions. We are able to attend court hearings on your behalf and will likely know the attorney representing the opposing party in your case.

2) We Relate to the Local Jury

When one of our client's lawsuits go to a jury trial, we can speak to the jury with an understanding of what it means to live and work in New Mexico because we are New Mexicans.

3) Our Reputation with Judges and Law Enforcement

We know all of the state and federal judges in the area. When we appear in front of a judge, it won't be the first time we've been in their courtroom. Our reputation and integrity matter because we appear before the same judges over and over in our cases. Our reputation in our community has been earned through hard work and consistent competent representation of our clients.

We also know the majority of police officers and prosecutors in the area. This is helpful to our clients because it allows us to conduct investigations and speak with witnesses that may otherwise not be willing to speak to us.

4) Access to the Scene of the Incident

Because we are located in New Mexico, we can visit the scene of the incident easily and gain first hand understanding of what happened and how it happened.

5) No "Stand-In" Attorney

When witnesses in your case give sworn statements, the attorney you hire will be present in person. If you hire an attorney from out of state or from a large law firm, they will often have an attorney "stand-in" for them.

Before hiring an attorney, you should strongly consider the many benefits of hiring us, local attorneys. The attorneys at McGraw & Strickland, LLC are proud to help our fellow New Mexicans obtain the justice they deserve.


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