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Did an intruder harm you after obtaining a key to your apartment?

When you moved into your new apartment, you may have felt like you made a very responsible decision. After all, you did not want to move into just any complex. You also wanted to move into an area that felt safe and welcoming. After a considerable amount of research, you found what you felt like was the perfect place for you, even if only temporarily.

Unfortunately, after living in your apartment for some time, you became the victim of a crime. Someone broke into your apartment to steal your possessions, and even worse, you were home at the time. The intruder caused you to suffer serious injuries, and in addition to the pain and suffering you experienced, you now fear the place you once called home.

Did inadequate security contribute to the incident?

Property owners and operators have a responsibility to implement security measures that work to keep tenants safe. If areas do not have proper lighting, and locks and gates break often, or no security personnel patrol the premises, your landlord may not have taken measures that could have prevented the crime that resulted in your harm.

Another troubling aspect of your situation is that the intruder did not break in through a window or kick in a door. Instead, the person used a key to unlock your front door and walked right in. You knew that you had your keys in your possession at the time, but how secure were copies of your apartment key that the landlord had?

Unfortunately, if the landlord did not take steps to ensure that your and others' keys were properly secure, the intruder may have broken into or otherwise entered the management building and simply took your key. If this is the case, you may have substantial reason to take legal action against the landlord and other liable parties.

Should you file a legal claim?

Because premises security is the responsibility of property owners and operators, your landlord and others could be at least partially at fault for the injuries and other damages you suffered in the course of the crime. You undoubtedly suffered a great deal in this incident, and seeking your rightful compensation could help you as you work to move on from the traumatic event. Information on premises liability claims may allow you to determine whether filing a claim could suit your circumstances.

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