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Hidalgo County - on January 2, 2013, David Eckert was pulled over by law enforcement for not making a full stop at a stop sign. When stepping outside of the vehicle per police instructions, Eckert appeared to clench his buttocks. This notion alone gave law enforcement "probable cause" to suspect that there were drugs hidden in his anal cavity and Eckert was taken to the Gila Regional Medical Center where he endured humiliating procedures without providing consent. The doctors and nursing staff performed anal exams with their fingers, numerous enemas, a colonoscopy, and x-rays. After this embarrassing and terrifying ordeal, there were no drugs found.

According to The Huffington Post, Eckert is currently suing the law enforcement personnel as well as the Gila Regional Medical Center for performing such degrading procedures. While most law enforcement professionals maintain high standards for their work, Eckert's situation reminds us that there are still a number of law enforcement officers who misuse their authority to demean others. Such behavior should not be tolerated and those who have committed such atrocities need to be held accountable.

Unfortunately, many people who have been mistreated by law enforcement are either unsure about their situation or are afraid to confront the at-fault party because of their authoritative power. But, if those who have been harmed do not come forward, these types of offenses will continue. With the help of an experienced false imprisonment attorney, these law enforcement officers will be held responsible, which will help put a stop to this injustice.


If you were a victim of false imprisonment, contact a Las Cruces personal injury lawyer. At McGraw & Strickland, we have worked on a number of false arrest and false imprisonment cases throughout Las Cruces area. If you need a personal injury attorney, contact McGraw & Strickland at (575) 323-3710.

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