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Marijuana - Legalization and Criminal Defense

Legalizing marijuana has been a hot topic among government officials and the public for many years as marijuana renders multi-faceted and complex discussions. Considered a "gateway drug" and "dangerous" by many, "harmless" by others, "medicinal" by supporters - it's difficult for our nation to come to a conclusion regarding marijuana legalization.


Shortly after Colorado's legalization of marijuana, Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino wants to propose the same legalization in New Mexico. According to James Monteleone's article, "Legislator want NM to legalize marijuana" in the Albuquerque Journal, while the proposal may not be well-received due to the negative stigma imposed on marijuana, seeing the potential revenue and cut-down of crimes make proposal supporters hopeful.

With the amount of discussion surrounding this possible legalization, we are reminded of the gravity of this issue. Right now, we can't afford to rely on the proposal being passed and for government officials to further lower the criminal charges against marijuana to help those who have been wrongfully accused of marijuana charges. Until we see a change in New Mexico's laws, marijuana is still illegal with the charges having lasting effects on the accused's personal and professional life.


Regardless of the current views towards marijuana, being charged with possession or distribution of marijuana carries substantial consequences. If you or a loved one is facing drug charges related to marijuana, do you have a qualified defense team to represent you?

Obtaining strong legal representation from a Las Cruces drug defense attorney is imperative in maintaining your justice. Unfortunately, because of the prejudices against marijuana, many courts already have a bias towards the accused. At McGraw & Strickland, we adhere to the moral standard in listening and understanding your side of the situation. From there, if we are able to represent you, we promise that we will work diligently to provide you with the best defense possible.

Contact McGraw & Strickland, Las Cruces criminal defense lawyers, if you or a loved one needs representation. Call us at (575) 323-1529.

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