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NMSU Students Remind us of the Dangers of Distracted Driving and the Value of a Las Cruces Car Accident Attorney

New Mexico State University - AT&T and NMSU students paired up for an enlightening demonstration regarding the dangers of texting while driving. In a video featured in the Las Cruces Sun-News, Mario Parrao, a student at NMSU, doesn't fare so well with the driving simulator, as his texting while driving results in him running a red light and getting pulled over by law enforcement. Fortunately, in Parrao's case, the consequences of his "distracted driving" are both relatively minor and fictional; however, those who are victims of distracted driving are typically not as lucky.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "in 2011, 3,331 people were killed in crashes involving a distracted driver." Such high numbers are extremely worrisome, but, what's more unfortunate is that even with laws in place to ban texting while driving, the problem still persists.

Taking one's focus off the road, even for a few seconds, is enough time to cause an accident. The driver may veer into another lane, not yield to traffic signals, or not react accordingly to other drivers. The range of damage from such accidents vary from minor dents to a full on collision and wrongful death. Facing such devastation is costly in all aspects of life and for the victim and his/her loved ones, getting their lives back on track can seem like an impossible feat.


If you or your loved one was a victim of someone else's neglectful driving, you may have endured physical and financial suffering as a result. With the help of an experienced attorney, you may be able to obtain compensation to help alleviate the financial burden from the accident.

If you need a car accident lawyer in Las Cruces, you can contact McGraw & Strickland. We have represented a number of distracted driving cases and have helped many of our clients receive the compensation to help them through their difficult situations. Call us at (575) 323-15

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