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For years criminal defense lawyers and others have decried the overly punitive sentencing of non-violent offenders. This is especially prevalent in the federal drug sentencing scheme and the war on drugs. The Tallahassee Project tells the stories of one hundred women prisoners of the war on drugs.

Locked inside the Federal Prison in Tallahassee, FL under unyielding federal drug sentencing guidelines, these women are held alongside hardened criminals. Their crimes are non-violent, and frequently victimless. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, and victims.


In their own words, more than 100 women, most of them first-time nonviolent offenders, tell their side of a story not often covered in the media - the unfair incarceration of drug offenders. The Tallahassee Project gathers personal statements and photographs of these victims of a drug war condemned by every civilized nation - except the United States.

"I feel like I should not have to do a life sentence for this " - Mary Elizabeth McBride, Sentenced to Life in Prison

" It's like a hole in my soul with a cold wind blowing through it. " - Billie M. Taylor, sentenced to 34 years, 6 months

" I deserve another chance in life. " - Judy McCarroll, sentenced to 27 years

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