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When a person accused of a crime chooses to cooperate with law enforcement, he or she should, above all else, be protected from criminal reprisal. Unfortunately the Whitey Bulger trial in Federal Court is proving that sometimes the law enforcement agents are corrupt and cannot be trusted to do what's right to keep informants safe.

"Retired FBI agent John Morris made an emotional apology in court on Monday to the families of those named by prosecutors as victims of accused mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger, saying he had indirectly tipped off Bulger's gang that one of the victims was cooperating with federal authorities.


During an aggressive cross-examination, [defense counsel] aimed to discredit Morris by leading him through a long litany of his corrupt acts during his tenure at the FBI, including taking money and gifts from informants, obstructing justice, tipping off organized crime about FBI investigations, carrying on a long affair with his secretary and lying to cover up those actions."

Anyone cooperating with law enforcement should have an attorney representing them to protect their Fifth Amendment right, and all deals should be made with the consent of the prosecutor and if at all possible in clear and written terms.

McGraw & Strickland has helped people traverse the dangerous waters of assisting law enforcement. If you need help with this from a criminal defense attorney, contact McGraw & Strickland at:

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