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Did an intruder harm you after obtaining a key to your apartment?

When you moved into your new apartment, you may have felt like you made a very responsible decision. After all, you did not want to move into just any complex. You also wanted to move into an area that felt safe and welcoming. After a considerable amount of research, you found what you felt like was the perfect place for you, even if only temporarily.

Unfortunately, after living in your apartment for some time, you became the victim of a crime. Someone broke into your apartment to steal your possessions, and even worse, you were home at the time. The intruder caused you to suffer serious injuries, and in addition to the pain and suffering you experienced, you now fear the place you once called home.

Seeking justice after a loved one's fatal opioid overdose

Watching a family member suffer with pain from an accident or chronic illness is difficult. However, what may be even more painful is seeing that loved one grow dependent on prescription drugs. You may have felt helpless as you watched your family member sink deeper into addiction, taking more risks and losing control over his or her life.

Sadly, this is the situation in many households, and you may be among those who wonder why a doctor continued to prescribe opioids to a loved one who was obviously struggling with addiction. In fact, more doctors are facing lawsuits and criminal penalties after their patients become addicted or overdose on opioid pain medication.


A felony is punishable by a year or more, and it prevents you from possessing a firearm ever in the future, under federal law. It will prevent you from voting and some other valuable civil rights. One of the main concerns is it will prevent you from getting a lot of different kinds of jobs in the future. 


In cases such as these it is essential that you fight the DWI because New Mexico courts have ruled that having a child in your car while committing any kind of DWI is, in itself, child abuse. You can't argue things to the jury like, "Well, it was 0.08, but they were driving safely." You have to fight the DWI to fight the felony child abuse case. In that case, it's even more important to hopefully have a client who declined to do the Standard Field Sobriety Test or declined to give a breath sample, so you just litigate whether or not it was DWI.

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