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Probable cause and warrantless searches

You may know that there are limited circumstances for which New Mexico police may search you or your vehicle without a warrant. In fact, in some cases, a search without a warrant may be a violation of your civil rights. However, police may also be able to convince a court that, even without a warrant, they had probable cause to conduct the search.

What is probable cause? It is a powerful concept that gives law enforcement the authority to act in ways that would otherwise be unconstitutional. If police recently arrested you based on incriminating evidence they found after a warrantless search of your vehicle, probable cause will be the element your attorney will likely focus on.

You have to speak up to protect your rights in a DUI traffic stop

You may just be trying to get home after a long day at work. You did stop off to enjoy a drink or two with friends or family, but you made sure you were okay to drive before leaving. So, you may be surprised to see flashing lights in your rear-view mirror.

You pull over and wait for the officer to come to the window. Your first inclination is to defend yourself, but you may want to think again. Other than answering basic questions about your identification, you may want to take advantage of your right to remain silent.

The opioid crisis isn't going to go away anytime soon

It would be difficult to find anyone in New Mexico who hasn't heard something about the dramatic increase in overdoses and deaths attributed to opioids. When pharmaceutical companies released these drugs back in the 1990s, the pharmaceutical industry gave doctors and others in the medical community assurances that they were not addictive. This prompted a significant rise in the number of prescriptions written and filled.

Opioids do an amazing job of helping patients with their pain, but those assurances about them not being addictive were completely wrong. The number of people addicted to these drugs rose to such a level that in recent years, the federal government declared it a crisis and urged doctors to slow down or even stop prescribing them. In the meantime, the pharmaceutical industry made billions of dollars at the expense of people's health and lives.

Did an intruder harm you after obtaining a key to your apartment?

When you moved into your new apartment, you may have felt like you made a very responsible decision. After all, you did not want to move into just any complex. You also wanted to move into an area that felt safe and welcoming. After a considerable amount of research, you found what you felt like was the perfect place for you, even if only temporarily.

Unfortunately, after living in your apartment for some time, you became the victim of a crime. Someone broke into your apartment to steal your possessions, and even worse, you were home at the time. The intruder caused you to suffer serious injuries, and in addition to the pain and suffering you experienced, you now fear the place you once called home.

Seeking justice after a loved one's fatal opioid overdose

Watching a family member suffer with pain from an accident or chronic illness is difficult. However, what may be even more painful is seeing that loved one grow dependent on prescription drugs. You may have felt helpless as you watched your family member sink deeper into addiction, taking more risks and losing control over his or her life.

Sadly, this is the situation in many households, and you may be among those who wonder why a doctor continued to prescribe opioids to a loved one who was obviously struggling with addiction. In fact, more doctors are facing lawsuits and criminal penalties after their patients become addicted or overdose on opioid pain medication.

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