Victims Of Crime Turn To Us For Help

New Mexico property and business owners are responsible to prevent harm caused by conditions that could cause foreseeable injuries.

People depend on businesses, including retail stores, construction sites and apartment complexes, to provide safe premises and adequate security for its customers and employees. Every business should know that insufficient security or other unsafe conditions can cause serious injury and death.

The attorneys at McGraw & Strickland, LLC, are skilled litigators who have represented victims of crime in many civil cases. They have obtained multiple favorable verdicts and settlements for their clients in victims of crime cases.

The defendants in victims of crime cases include:

  • Property owners, including landlords, apartment complexes and property managers, who fail to implement adequate security measures, like background checks, to protect their tenants
  • Employers who intentionally place their employees in harm's way, despite the likelihood of death or serious injury
  • Police officers and security guards who fail to protect victims of crime despite serious threats of injury or death to the victim before the crime occurs
  • Security guards who attack innocent patrons of an establishment
  • Family members who allow a mentally ill or incapacitated family member to possess a firearm that results in serious injury or death to a victim
  • Individuals hurt or killed by drunk and reckless drivers

Victims of such crimes that result in injury or death can recover against their own auto insurance if they have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage if the crime was committed using a vehicle.

Murphy et al v. Roger Cox Property Management Co. et al

Attorney Mollie McGraw became one of the few attorneys in New Mexico to receive an eight-figure jury verdict for the wrongful death of 31-year-old Andrae Davis. Andrae was killed when a bullet pierced the front door of his apartment. At trial, attorney Mollie McGraw successfully argued that the condo association's and property management company's failures to conduct background checks and enforce safety rules caused Andrae's untimely death. In March 2015, a Santa Fe jury found the defendants were liable and awarded $12 million.

Pena v. Heritage Hotels & Resorts, Inc. et al.

The security guards were trying to break up a fight in a hotel's bar, but the security guards and the bar manager executed a takedown on the wrong man, which seriously injured him. Attorney Mollie McGraw brought suit on behalf of the man against the security guards, the security company and the hotel's management company. Attorney Mollie McGraw obtained a favorable jury verdict for her client against the hotel management company and the security company.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of crime, attorney Mollie McGraw has a proven record of obtaining justice for her clients. Call her today at 575-567-3107 or contact us online.