Client Testimonials

Our family was extremely satisfied with all the hard work and dedication Mollie McGraw put into our case. Excellent work and great services. — Leandro and Maria S., Las Cruces

Mollie McGraw is a true professional. My family had the opportunity to work with her on what was a very sensitive, emotional case for us. Not only did she handle every aspect of the case with her expert knowledge, I will always be grateful to her for the respect and care she showed to my two sons during the entire process. Working with Mollie and her staff was a very pleasant experience, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Mollie for everything you did for us. — Karen, Las Cruces

It's not often that you meet someone as driven and consistent as Mollie McGraw. For nearly four years, Mollie represented and advocated for me in what was not a very cut and dry case. Her wisdom, diligence, and resourcefulness brought my case to a positive outcome that I believe is principled and fair. The professionalism of Mollie, Margaret, and all of her staff exceeded my expectations and made my experience as painless as it possibly could be. Without question, I recommend the services of McGraw & Strickland to anyone needing legal representation. — Michael, Las Cruces

Margaret and her staff treated me with honesty and respect. Margaret laid out a plan and kept me informed throughout the process, promptly answering any and all of the questions I had throughout the case. Their dedication to me as a client was truly great. They were very professional and were helpful, even while relocating offices. I was very pleased with the disposition of my case, which was the result of Margaret and her staff's hard work. — J.B.

I have known Mollie McGraw since 2012. In 2012, I suffered a personal injury that affected me drastically. I knew I was wronged and needed an advocate to fight for me in a civil matter. When seeking representation, someone recommended Mollie. To be honest, hiring her is the best decision I have ever made. Mollie is not only a tremendously gifted attorney, she is a wonderful person. I admire her because of the passion she has for the law and helping people who have been wronged. She is truly an example of someone who believes in justice and will fight for it. Thank you for everything you have done for me personally and professionally, Mollie. Anyone who needs an advocate should trust Mollie and her partner, Margaret. Simply put, they rock! — Jennifer, New Mexico

Mollie and Margaret represented my husband and me after I was assaulted by a police officer and then wrongfully arrested. Our case drew out for 4 long years, which was extremely painful for me. McGraw & Strickland treated me with courtesy and respect and fought for me to get me the justice I deserved. To say they are great would be an understatement. They poured their heart and soul into my case and made the truth known, which led to a grand jury awarding us $1.6 million. Margaret and Mollie will always hold a special place in my heart, as they not only got me through the roughest time of my life, but also by proving the truth with their superb work ethic and professionalism. Because of that, the jury sent the message that behavior like that by law enforcement will not be tolerated, and if what happened to me prevents it from happening to someone else, then justice is truly served. Thank you McGraw & Strickland! — Jillian, Oklahoma

Margaret Strickland is the best attorney I have ever seen, I was fortunate to have her as my attorney in a very difficult case and I would recommend her to anyone that needs a good defense attorney. She will work hard for you and will put everything into it. She will keep you informed every step of the way and will encourage you to call her if you have any questions. — Lyndon

By far the best! My case was handled professionally with care, highly recommend this firm and its attorneys for legal matters both large and small. — N.J., Las Cruces

I was satisfied with Mollie McGraw's hard work, her gathering of information and her negotiation skills. Mollie is very good at what she does. I will be recommending her to friends. — Maria R., Las Cruces

Ms. Strickland and her staff were very effective and proactive in my case. I could tell that I was not just another client; she truly cared about the outcome of my case and the protection of my rights throughout the entire process. Ms. Strickland never hesitated to go the extra mile. I can never thank her enough. — Thomas, New Mexico

Mollie is just simply amazing. She is very professional, dedicated and empathetic, as our case was a very emotionally draining time for my family. She worked hard on our case for close to 5 years and did amazing! I would definitely, highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you, Mollie, for everything! — Lorraine, Texas

Thank you for handling everything for me, Mollie. It was a great experience dealing with your firm. — Jina, Oklahoma

Thank you Mollie McGraw for all your hard work in my case. I really appreciate how you always went the extra step to help me and my family. God bless you!! — Claudia, New Mexico

Ms. McGraw was recommended to me during a time that was unfortunate and an experience that no one wants to repeat. Her professionalism, sincere desire to not only represent me but fight for my case during the many emotional twists and turns provided me a sense of security for me even without knowing the outcome. Ms. McGraw is extremely knowledgeable with the law and kept me informed with timely and honest communication. Her trustworthiness and strong work ethic are apparent to all from the highly visible respect of the legal community within Las Cruces and the state of New Mexico. During a stormy time in my life, Ms. McGraw was the solid legal shelter for me, and I would highly recommend her professional legal services. You will not only receive outstanding legal counsel but feel like you have a partner representing you within the legal maze of confusion. — Deborah, Oklahoma

Until 2009, I had only required an attorney's services to set up a will. When I needed representation for a personal injury claim, Mollie McGraw was enthusiastically recommended to me by another attorney I hold in high regard. I was not disappointed! She is smart, knowledgeable about the law, personable and trustworthy. Ms. McGraw did an excellent job negotiating a settlement for me and kept me informed as to my options throughout the process. I deeply appreciated the clear, assertive, but never offensive manner in which she negotiated on my behalf. She is truly an excellent attorney. — Alice, Texas