Prescription Drugs Are Dangerous Drugs

Prescription drugs are defined by New Mexico statutes as dangerous drugs because, based on their potential for harmful effect, they are not safe for use except under the supervision of a physician licensed to direct the use of such drugs. State laws and regulations establish the lawful management of dangerous drugs and safety precautions that must be implemented by doctors, hospitals and pharmacies for the proper dispensing of prescription medication to ensure a patient's health and safety. The Opioid Crisis is an example of a dangerous drug overtaking our country and causing the needless loss of life.

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Prescription Errors Can Result In Injury Or Death

Doctors and pharmacists have a duty to accurately prescribe and fill medications in a way that will not cause harm to a patient. When prescription errors lead to serious injury or wrongful death, the victims and their families are should be compensated for their medical expenses, suffering and loss.

Some of the more common prescription errors include:

  • Filling prescriptions incorrectly
  • Giving medication to the wrong patient
  • Failing to educate a patient to ensure they received the correct medication and that they understand the side effects and risks associated with each and every prescription
  • Prescribing the wrong dosage or recording the wrong dosage on the prescription label
  • Prescribing medication that negatively interacts with a patient's other prescription medications or to which the patient is allergic

Safety Steps Prevent Pharmacy Errors: "Show And Tell"

There are a number of steps New Mexico pharmacies are required to take to ensure they are safely dispensing prescription medication. Make sure your pharmacist performs a "show and tell" each time you pick up a prescription. This means the pharmacist shows you the medication inside the bottle and tells you about the medication, how to take it and any potential side effects. If a pharmacist assistant or cashier is assisting you, they are supposed to ask you if you have any questions for the pharmacist. If this does not happen, kindly ask your pharmacy to follow these important safety steps. You will be helping make your pharmacy safe for the next person and for our community.

Holguin v. Walmart Stores, Inc.

Attorney Mollie McGraw successfully represented a pregnant woman who was injured when she was given the wrong prescription medication by a pharmacy. During the lawsuit, attorney McGraw argued that harmful prescription error was preventable and occurred because the pharmacy failed to verify it had filled the correct medication, and it did not conduct a "show and tell" with its patient.

McEntire v. K-Mart Corp.

Attorney Mollie McGraw successfully litigated a case against a pharmacy that erroneously dispensed sleeping medication to an elderly woman instead of her blood pressure medication. The elderly woman suffered serious injuries. During the lawsuit, attorney McGraw argued that the prescription error could have been prevented if the pharmacy had followed its written procedures and conducted a "show and tell."

Our Clients Matter To Us

At McGraw & Strickland, LLC, we truly care about our clients and the outcome of their cases. We understand that prescription mistakes can have a serious impact on their lives and their family. Our goal is to obtain compensation that allows our clients to move on from this devastating incident and have a quality future.

We also want to make sure that the pharmacy, hospital or prescribing doctor does not hurt anyone else. With medication error cases, we believe that improving patient safety for clients and the community is the most important goal. One of the ways to accomplish that is by bringing mistakes to the attention of the medical system. There can be very serious consequences and adverse reactions that can result from medication errors, and the actions you are taking will help others.

Attorney Mollie McGraw of McGraw & Strickland, LLC, has successfully represented members of our community who have been injured and killed as a result of prescription medication errors. To speak with attorney Mollie McGraw about a prescription error, please call us at 575-567-3107 or contact us online.