Defending Allegations Of Assault And Battery

Assault occurs when a person intentionally puts another in fear of being battered.

Battery occurs when a person unlawfully touches or hits another person in an offensive, rude, harmful or forceful manner. Actual physical contact must occur for a battery charge.

Assault and battery can both be charged as petty misdemeanors all the way up to felony-level offenses, depending on the amount of harm caused and whether or not a weapon was used. If you have been charged with either, reach out to the defense attorneys who understand the intricacies of both types of charges. McGraw & Strickland, LLC, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, can talk to you about your rights and options. Call us at 575-567-3107.

Assault And Battery Carries Heavy Penalties

A petty misdemeanor assault or battery carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail. A misdemeanor (non-petty) carries a maximum penalty of a year in jail. Felony-level offenses carry maximum penalties of years in prison.

Any assault or battery charge can be considered a crime of violence and can carry serious consequences, beyond time in jail/prison.

Even if there is good evidence that the alleged victim was assaulted or battered, there are several defenses to these types of cases, including self-defense, mistaken identity, lack of intent and defense of others.

The criminal defense lawyers at McGraw & Strickland, LLC, have successfully handled all levels of assault and battery cases. Call us today at 575-567-3107 or contact us online to speak about your criminal matter.