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There are many examples of times a person might meet a police officer: at a traffic stop, during a search and when calling for help, to name a few.

No matter who the person is, what they are accused of, what they are suspected to have done or what they are incarcerated for, police officers and government officials are required to follow proper protocol. Police officers cannot abuse their power.

If you or a loved one suffered abuse at the hands of federal or local law enforcement, speak with an attorney about your rights and options. McGraw & Strickland, LLC, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, has extensive experience bringing claims against police officers, as well as jails and prisons, for abuse and misconduct. Call us at 575-567-3107 for a free phone consultation.

Examples Of Police Abuse

You have the right to be free from abuse while in custody of police and other law enforcement officials. Examples of abuse are:

  • Wrongful arrest
  • Wrongful search and seizure
  • Excessive use of force (police brutality)
  • Wrongful prosecution

What Should I Do If I Have Been A Victim Of Police Abuse?

Document What Happened And Call A Lawyer

It is not uncommon for an individual hurt by law enforcement to be taken to jail. People are not often given a chance to process and document the brutality because they are locked up. If you are looking for an attorney for a loved one who is in jail, make an effort to document what you can. If you are the victim and have been released:

  • Document your injuries — with pictures if possible (bruises develop over time, so take photos daily if possible)
  • See a doctor
  • Get the contact information of any witnesses
  • Do not speak with law enforcement about what happened until you first speak to an attorney

Wallace v. Holguin et al

Attorney Margaret Strickland successfully sued law enforcement in federal court for unlawfully entering her client's home and arresting her without legal cause and without a warrant. This arrest happened in front of the client's children and husband. Even though there were many officers on scene, not one of them intervened to stop the unlawful actions of their officers.

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